Week 4 – Activity – Art Care Package

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat in the way that the ACP holds photos/images. A snapchat can be art, if one were to look at it that way. They both are short lived items as well. It is different than sending a snapchat because it will not be an instant message delivery (there will possibly be a wait) as well as the fact that there is a possibility it will not be saved even though screenshoting is possible. I think the concept of ephemera is actually meaningful. Some things gain value overtime both price wise as well as in meaning. Also having your hands on something from the past can make you feel like you are holding a piece of history. I keep concert tickets because I want to be able to look back at these happy moments. The difference between art in a museum and more private art, is the audience. Time and effort does mean something. I believe that both the snapchat and the ACP mean something because you are sending it in the first place. I do not want to lower the importance of either or. Someone can go through the McDonald’s drive thru with love!! I have seen it happen! But I do understand that someone actually made the meal themselves so it might be more meaningful than drive thru food. So the ACP can possibly have more meaning behind it in comparison to a snapchat.

I will be sending this ACP to my family friend Natalie in Burbank, so she will be receiving it pretty soon! When making this I had thought of including pieces from magazine pages. A majority of these images are cut out from my mom’s old magazines. Such as the various words and the puppy, its bagel halo and the glossy lips. I included those cut outs because Natalie loves dogs as well as makeup! I threw in my own drawing of the sun with a nice message. The cultural moment was the news of Tilikum’s death. Tilikum was a whale, famous for being a part of Sea World. Natalie and I watched the Blackfish film together and I am not even sure if she knows of his passing (😣) but she will find out soon.



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