Week 10 – Activity – The Wedge

IMG_6425IMG_6423IMG_6424Design ⬇️FullSizeRender.jpgI decided to keep the tree where it is. I realize that it is a large tree and I kept in mind the students possible reactions if it were to be chopped down. Instead I plan to remove the bushes on both sides and make those pathways. Since I would be removing the bushes I would like to plant some flowers or something along the sides of the pathways, to keep it lively and colorful since it is a fine arts building. It will be better this way because there is now three ways to reach the entrances, the tree will be left alone and there will be fresh and pretty flowers. I think the students will like it. The pathways make the entrances easier to reach and maybe the area with the new flowers can become a student garden.


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