Week 12 – Activity – Ethnography

I figured that I would be really bored without electricity. The no electricity night in my room consisted of not having my phone, not watching tv, having no light in my room, and not using my stereo system. I use all of these things usually on my Saturday nights if I am not out and about. It was a little short notice to hang out with friends so instead I got to spend more time with my siblings. We talked with each other and just talked about our weeks and whatnot. My siblings are entertaining so it wasn’t boring!! My first thought was that it would be easy, not hard but a challenging easy. It was definitely more liberating and it was a nice time, not being stuck on my phone or being lowkey hypnotized by something I would watching on television. I would say that I slept the same. I tend to fall asleep at the same time every night so that stayed the same. I would say that I am not sleep deprived, I get enough rest. To sleep well every night would be not waking up at random points throughout the night as well as a having a cool dream!! 😄 I usually do sleep throughout the entire night but the dreams happen every now and then. I think living without electricity can bring about a life that is more organic and harmonious with nature, yes. It is that way because a lot of electricity requires one to stay inside. The TV is inside and so are other electricity outlets. Without electricity one can find entertainment in nature. Personally, I find enjoyment looking up at the sky. Looking up at the clouds, one can make up shapes. Looking at the sky as the sunsets, the colors that consist of it. Looking up at the stars as well, so beautiful and there are so many of them!! I would not say that living without electricity is boring, but it can be limited as to what you can do during that time. Those that lived without constant stimulation were probably more relaxed and tranquil people. I would like to find a balance somehow in the level of life activity and connectivity. I believe that balance would be ideal.



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