Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Salmah

Salmah has just recently turned nineteen on March 23rd. On her birthday she went to the movies and watched Beauty and the Beast (she rated it an 8/10 by the way). She also went to the beach. Salmah does not have any pets. If she could have a pet, it would be a Husky Pomeranian mix/a pomsky!! ⬇️⬇️


Her hobbies include playing the piano and the guitar and writing poetry. On instagram would see poets using poetry to write out their feelings and emotions. She started to do the same and realized she had a passion for it. She also does not have a favorite poet.

Part of her family lives in Malaysia and she enjoys the summer trips there. If she were to travel anywhere she would go to Paris or Japan or South Korea. I suggested Tokyo!! We got onto the topic of theme parks and her favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain. I really like that one too! Salmah has never been to Six Flags which really shocked me because I go all of the time. Her favorite ride at Knott’s Berry Farm is Silver Bullet. She ended up at Knott’s for a science class field trip, which I thought was really cool. I wish that would have happened to me. Back to Salmah, her friends forced her on the rides at Knott’s and she ended up really enjoying them. Her first time on a rollercoaster was at Sea World which left her scared of rollercoasters. I’m glad she is over it though! Rollercoasters are so much fun!!

It was nice talking to Salmah. She is really nice and fun to talk to. 😄



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