Week 14 – Activity – Sketching in the Garden

For this activity we were required to actually go to the Japanese Gardens. This trip would be my first time visiting the gardens so it is special!! I do not think I would have visited the gardens on my own any time soon,  it does not really cross my mind to visit it. But I am glad I did! It was an experience. I am a first year student so I will have more times to come randomly in the future.

The activity this week was very relaxing. The location in which we had to sketch was so calming. I actually enjoy sketching/doodling on my free time. (I am not sure whether or not sketching and doodling are the same thing 😨). I draw for fun and I know that my drawings will not look realistic. I am already aware of my drawing capability. I say I have my own style. I wish I wouldn’t press down on the pencil too hard at times. My favorite sketch is of the wood pieces that are all lined up and their reflections are being shown in the water below.

It was nice to sit in the actual garden and draw for a while. The weather that day was very nice as well.

Representation (left) and Abstraction (right).


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