Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Matthew Ngo

This week I talked to Matthew Gno! He is currently in his second year at CSULB. Matthew was originally a nursing major but he switched to health science this year. Matthew was born and raised in Long Beach. He chose CSULB because the prices (in comparison to UCI) and because CSULB has a good nursing program. His hobbies include skating, bmx riding and basketball. Matthew doesn’t have any pets but he used to have a puppy. He had to leave the puppy in San Diego 😢 but his aunt is taking care of it. Good news!! He likes Six Flags and rollercoasters! He shared that on the ride ‘X2’ felt like he was going to fall off, which is true.. I can also confirm that feeling.

Here is a picture of it! Very dramatic yes. I chose this picture specifically because of the fire.


Matthew is also a part of PAC. It is a Filipino club but a lot of ethnicities join! In this club he partakes in many activities such as philanthropy activities and parties! 🎉



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