Week 15 – Activity – Design Thinking Applied to Life

Right now, at this point in time, I picture myself with a business degree but not working/using that degree. I do applaud myself though for getting through that!! You did it!! I honestly have no idea if I will ever settle down in one specific job. Hence why I cannot picture a situation if the “current thing” disappeared because there is no current thing! I want to do so many things regarding my career. I hope to work in many places but still be financially secure and happy. That is my biggest hope.


If I were financially secure, first and foremost I’d make sure my parents are taken care of! I want them to have a nice house in a nice area and for them to be healthy (all medical bills and what not handled by me). Then, I would probably put some money into starting a business. My dad has mentioned opening a store, not sure what kind, just to have revenue constantly coming in and it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Now, to be selfish, I would travel. I would travel all over the world and explore different countries and cultures. One of my biggest wishes is to be fluent in multiple languages! I have two down (kind of) and I am working on my third! With that money and proper tools I think I would become fluent in at least four haha. This is when I start thinking about, studying abroad and what a great idea that would be, but that is “student me” talking.


It is hard to plan out a future right now because I have no idea where even my possible major will take me. I think about Chantae and what she talked to us about. Her story was so interesting, how she graduated from USC with a Political Science major and somehow ended up as freelance journalist and blogger. Her story interests me so much I wish to have a story similar to hers one day. She works and does what she loves and that is my dream to be content with life just like that.



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